The Joy of Group Singing Program

An uplifting, life enriching, multicultural singing experience!

We sing simple soulful songs from Sufi, Hindu, Christian, Hebrew, African, African American and Native American traditions. We learn exercises that free the voice while connecting more deeply with ourselves and others. We tap into the exuberant nature of harmony singing. The songs are taught by ear in a supportive environment.

* Can be offered as a weekly class or in a workshop format

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Joy of Group Singing Level I - Dates - TBA:
a four session class

Class Topics:

- The Body as an Instrument - techniques to support vocal health and to increase singing stamina
- The Basics of Harmony Singing - introduction to major and minor scales and basic (root, 3rd, 5th) chord structure
- Movement and Freeing the Voice - Dalcroze and Doebler movement approaches to increase vocal expression while connecting more with ourselves and others

Joy of Group Singing Level II - Dates -TBA:

a four session class

Class Topics:

- Integration of Level I topics - body as instrument, basics of harmony and movement review
- Singing as a Meditative Practice - chants, body awareness and chakra awakening exercises to allow energy flow
- Introduction to Improvisation; The Art of Freeing the Voice

We continue to learn exercises that maximize our vocal health and vibrancy. We learn three part harmony songs and continue to create our own music through improvisation exercises. We tap into the exuberant nature of harmony and spontaneity in a supportive environment.

Joy of Improvisational Singing (Advanced) -  Dates - TBA:
an eight session class for those with previous singing experience