The Self-Reflection Process 

Welcome to my new blog! 

At the start of the 2018 school year, I took some time to access my life path. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my work life, but felt spread thin. The balance of family life and a multifaceted and fulfilling career needed to be fine-tuned!

So I started with a self-reflection writing process. 

Part 1: What does my life look like right now? 

Part 2:  What do I want more of in my professional life? 

Part 3: What does LIFE want for me? 

The answer became clear: More healing, empowering, transformational and uplifting group work. More workshop & retreat facilitation!

Within a week I received a phone call from my mentor, the spiritual director of Light on the Hill Retreat Center. I've had the honor of working along side her since 2011 as a teacher of the Hidden Treasure Program. This particular phone call was an invitation to double my work weekends for the program. Instead of 5 per year, I would now co-lead 10 weekend retreats. Of course I had to access what that might mean for my family. The opportunity seemed to align greatly with the direction that life was asking me to move in. And after tuning in and assessing, my answer was YES! 

Soon after I was asked to lead my Freeing Your Voice workshop in Burlington Vermont, Rochester New York and at Ithaca College. The Freeing Your Voice 8-session class series in Ithaca New York was off to a great start and workshop invitations continued to roll in! Additionally my Music for Unity and Social Change Program for public schools was awarded 4 more grants.

Doors appear to be opening! Gratitude springs forth in all directions.