Nina Hatton - Online Singing Workshop Participant 
"I attended an online Zoom workshop given by Elisa S. Keeler for Threshold Choir International members in October 2020, and then attended her online singalong workshop open to all singers, which was just wonderful. Her energy is powerful, radiant, and positive, and I've hardly ever met someone with so much enthusiasm. Her music is absolutely beautiful and just what we need right now. Also, she's such a good teacher of songs!" 

Esther Tanahashi - Online Freeing Your Voice Class & Course Participant    
"I am so grateful for this course and the classes I attended with Elisa. She herself and the songs she creates are uplifting, energizing and loving in my experience. I think the combination of the words, the movements and the togetherness, even on zoom, are powerful.      

I am taking the Video & Podcast course in my own time as well. I have done the first four so far and again, I am so grateful for Elisa's work and clarity of teaching. Simple and direct. I feel her love and commitment to her work and  I am loving it."  


Hank Roberts - Award Winning Cellist, Composer & Vocalist    
"Vocal lessons with Elisa are always inspiring. She has worked with me to create an effective approach for my vocal upkeep and improvements.     

I use the warm-up exercises to monitor how my voice is developing, and as a way to maintain, extend and create flexibility moving between vocal ranges, and to maintain a focus on healthy breath support and the mechanics of singing. I have used these tools over the past 5 years to great effect, keeping my voice in shape and ready to perform.     

Her knowledge of the mechanics of the voice and how it manifests itself vibrationally in the body (as a singing vessel) has been extremely beneficial in my becoming aware of specific areas of vibrational phenomena that are unfolding when I sing, and how I can use them to my advantage tonally and musically to sing more efficiently, effortlessly and joyously.     

Her fantastic vocal skills, musicianship, and sense of humanity and kindness all help to create a comfortable and inspiring context for learning. Students are drawn to her love of teaching, sharing and performing."